Law Enforcement / 9-1-1 / 3-1-1

Knowledge is power. And in the world of public safety and municipal services, location-based knowledge is particularly powerful, informing everything from emergency preparedness and response to law enforcement staffing to pothole repair.

That’s why GIS is critical to the delivery of both emergency (9-1-1) and non-emergency (3-1-1) services: it enables the integrated operating picture necessary for situational awareness and rapid response. For 9-1-1 services, geospatial intelligence can include hydrant locations, weather conditions, historic incident reports, closest available units, aerial imagery, digital floor plans, and more. With information like this at the ready, dispatchers and first responders can perform their jobs more efficiently and effectively, when every second counts.

LocationAge works to put location-enabled tools and geospatial intelligence in the hands of those who need it – in the field, in public safety answering points, in planning and policy meetings. We provide the data analysis, GIS expertise, and systems integration services that deliver tangible returns on your GIS investment, streamlining public safety operations and optimizing municipal service delivery.